Real-Time Sample Queue

We will attempt to maintain as close to real-time as possible project/sample information in this queue display below. This will allow you to monitor the progress of your samples through the IMR workflow. It will also allow prospective clients to get a sense of how full the current queued sequencing runs are for those who wish to multiplex without contributing whole runs (as discussed on our submissions page).

Warning: Due to high demand, sample queue is fuller than average, extending our typical data delivery times from 1 month to 2 months. A second MiSeq and a new robot (Coastal Genomics Nimbus Select) are now helping clear the backlog.

Note: Complete closure of the IMR from Nov.3rd-Dec.5th for building renovations - last preferred date for sample reception Nov.1st. Queue will be delayed by ~1 month for samples submitted these next couple of months.

Current total number of samples/slots committed to queue:   2,308
Last update of queue:   Nov.3

Upcoming MiSeq Runs
Run Type Level of Completeness Planned Dates
Run128: Amplicon 0/380 samples Dec.X-X
IMR Closure
Run113: MetaG 6/6 samples paused
Upcoming NextSeq Runs
Run Type Level of Completeness Planned Dates
RunNS13:MetaG 61/96 slots Dec.X
RunNS12:MetaG 94/96 slots Dec.X
IMR Closure

Legend: = in progress/pending; = completed; Extr. = extracted (either in advance by client, or by IMR); Libr. = library prepared; Seq. = sequenced.

Samples Received (2137)
  Target # Extr.
IMR-201710-23 (Kerman.>Sayedin) BactV4 4
IMR-201710-22B (D'Imperio) Bact 24
IMR-201710-22A (D'Imperio) Bact 8
IMR-201710-21 (Lee>Lee) BactV4 127
IMR-201710-19 (Vannette) ? ?
IMR-201710-16B (Cunliffe>Dale) Arch 46
IMR-201710-16A (Cunliffe>Dale) Bact 61
IMR-201710-09B (Price+Yurgel) ITS 45
IMR-201710-09A (Price+Yurgel) BactV4 209
IMR-201710-08 (Berezovski>Gobadloo) custom 10
IMR-201710-04 (Field>Garrison) BactV4 82
IMR-201710-03B (Schaeffer) ITS 24
IMR-201710-03A (Schaeffer) BactV4 24
IMR-201710-02 (Hay>Beatty) BactV4 78
IMR-201710-01 (Hay>Beatty) BactV4 372
IMR-201709-12 (Miar) BactV4 169
IMR-201709-10B (Goyer>Whitney) ITS 99
IMR-201709-10A (Goyer>Whitney) Bact 99
IMR-201709-08 (Settle>Hicks) custom 16
IMR-201709-06 (Dufour>Verhoeven) Bact 60
IMR-201709-05 (Payri>Quere) Custom 245
IMR-201709-03B (Ganz) BactV4 82
IMR-201708-19 (Yurgel) INSeq 30
IMR-201707-08C (Gore>Conwill PAUSED) BactV4 197
IMR-201707-08B (Gore>Conwill) BactV4 25
IMR-201708-36B.R (Karacan) custom 1
Queued for MiSeq (6)
  Run Target # Libr.Seq.
IMR-201709-02 (Ganz PAUSED) 113 MetaG 6
IMR-201710-20 (Ganz) 127 BactV4 33
IMR-201710-07B (Cheng>Cook) 127 ITS 100
IMR-201710-07A (Cheng>Cook) 127 Bact 100
IMR-201709-13B (Gagnon>Allward) 127 BactV4 48
IMR-201709-13A (Gagnon>Allward) 127 Bact 48
IMR-201709-04 (Smith>Bullock) 127 Bact 42
IMR-201710-17 (Laroche>Haas) 126 BactV4 2
IMR-201710-13 (Marnocha>Hoover) 126 BactV4 5
IMR-201709-11A (Engel>Zancker) 126 BactV4 39
IMR-201708-36A (Karacan) 126 custom 19
IMR-201709-07 (Parfrey>Sanders) 125 Euk 31
IMR-201708-36B (Karacan) 125 custom 30
IMR-201708-35 (Srinivasan) 125 Euk 37
IMR-201708-33 (Bishop) 125 BactV4 49
IMR-201708-29B (Lovejoy>Kalenit.) 125 Euk 92
IMR-201708-24C (Bishop) 125 WGS 1
IMR-201708-18 (Yurgel) 125 WGS 6
IMR-201709-11B (Engel>Zancker) 124 Euk 39
IMR-201708-29A (Lovejoy>Kalenit.) 124 BactV4 92
IMR-201708-26B (Vannette) 124 ITS 72
IMR-201708-22A (Kable) 124 Bact 165
Queued for NextSeq (165)
  Run Target # Libr.Seq.
IMR-201708-25 (VanLimbergen PAUSED) pendingmetaG 6
IMR-201708-16 (VanLimbergen PAUSED) pendingmetaG 48
IMR-201708-10 (Kelly>Guthrie PAUSED) pendingmetaG 20
IMR-201707-01 (Lindell+Bielawski PENDING)NS13metaG 61
IMR-201710-15 (Lopez-Perez) NS12WGS 3x4=12
IMR-201710-14 (Perez) NS12metaG 1x4=4
IMR-201710-11 (Nachman) NS12metaG 26x3=78
IMR-201710-10 (Perez) NS11metaG 2x4=8
IMR-201710-06 (VanLimbergen) NS11metaG 10
IMR-201708-34 (Li) NS11metaG 11
IMR-201708-23 (Stearns) NS11metaG 3x4=12
IMR-201706-18 (Kulkarni+Langille) NS11metaG 38
IMR-201708-11 (Lovejoy>Vigneron) NS10metaG 6
IMR-201706-XX (redos+controls) NS9 metaG 27
IMR-201706-19 (VanLimbergen) NS9 metaG 16
IMR-201706-06 (Kemp) NS9 metaG 5x3
IMR-201705-12 (Hamdan>Mugge) NS9 metaG 37
Queued for Analysis
  Target Status
IMR-201709-01B (Gagnon>Betts) Cyano
IMR-201709-01A (Gagnon>Betts) BactV4
IMR-201710-18 (Lehmann>Motabbakani) Bact
IMR-201710-12 (D'Imperio) Bact
IMR-201708-20 (Tinahones>Moreno) BactV4
IMR-201708-07 (Finlay>Pena) BactV4
IMR-201707-10 (Sugnaux) BactV4
IMR-201708-13 (MacPherson>Olivier) custom
IMR-201707-15.R (Shen-redos) BactV4
IMR-201708-21 (Stadnyk) Bact
IMR-201708-17 (Labachyan) Bact
IMR-201707-06A2 (VanLimbergen) BactV4
IMR-201707-05 (Lawrence>Hawkes) Cyano
IMR-201706-02 (Gagnon>Betts) Cyano